Advisor, Clinical Translation

Dr Yolanda Sanchez PhD #### is a scientific and executive R&D leader with 
My expertise spans early drug discovery: target/pathway identification/validation, lead optimization, candidate selection, translational studies, clinical biomarkers, IND submissions, and early clinical studies. Areas of scientific expertise include epithelial biology and host-pathogen interactions in lung diseases (cystic fibrosis, COPD) and cellular stress pathways (oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, ER stress) as drivers of pathophysiology in chronic diseases. My combined cell biology, pharmacology and translational expertise is relevant to chronic diseases and indications in which the maladaptation of these mechanisms drives disease progression.
and Experimental Therapeutics, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and many others. 
I have managed numerous academic and industry collaborations and interactions with boards and KOLs. Finally, I have extensive experience in due diligence evaluation of business development opportunities.

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