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CEO & Director

Christopher has broad experience in early-stage pharmaceutical R&D and commercialisation in both private equity funded and listed companies.

He was Research Director and a Technology Founder at Antisense Therapeutics Ltd (ASX:ANP), a satellite company of RNA therapeutics leader Ionis Pharmaceuticals, and has guided RNA-targeting drugs from research through to the clinic and commercial exit.

In previous CEO roles he navigated a novel therapeutic entity (NTE) nasal spray product from concept through Phase 1b clinical trials and exit in 5 years (Otifex), and built a team and company structure that produced the most advanced direct Myc inhibitor for cancer (MycRx).

Christopher has a PhD in Biochemistry and an MBA specialising in Technology Management.  He was a Guest Scientist and Humboldt Fellow at the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg, and in 2008 he received the Advance BioBusiness Award for leadership in the Australian Life Sciences sector.

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Christopher Wraight: Our Team
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