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Founder & CSO

Professor Merlin Thomas, MBChB PhD FRACP FAAHMS, is Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at RAGE Biotech.

Merlin is a clinician scientist and program leader based at the Central Clinical School of Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.  He is internationally recognized as a researcher, educator, author and speaker.  His translational research spans basic biochemistry and molecular biology to epidemiology and clinical trials.

Dr Thomas has published more than 300 research papers, many in the highest ranked journals in his field, as well as best-selling books, "The Longevity List" and "Fast Living Slow Ageing".  His innovative research program is focused on understanding disease mechanisms and developing new opportunities for their prevention and treatment.  RAGE Biotech is a direct result of his discoveries on how RAGE increases inflammation and injury in many diseases, and how to safely and effectively block these signals.  His drive is to communicate and translate these novel findings to our valued stakeholders and ultimately into the clinic.

Merlin Thomas: Our Team
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